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Flat Tool Presets for Photoshop by Staminaboy Flat Tool Presets for Photoshop by Staminaboy
Frustrated over constantly overlooked Anti-Alias check boxes and feathering settings when swapping from coloring one piece to flatting the next, I created a few flatting tool presets for Photoshop. Before you flat, load the presets, click through the list, and be assured that your tools are set to be flat friendly!

Instructions: From Tool Presets window - replace current presets with this set. Un-check the 'Current Tool Only' box in the tool preset window, it will show a list of all of the tools that are used for flatting.  Double click on each preset in the list and the corresponding tool will switch over to the correct settings. This makes for a quick way to make sure all of your flatting tools have the Anti-Aliasing and Feathering turned off.  Tools included are not necessarily used in everyone's flatting method, but I took the better safe than sorry method in this set.

If anyone has ideas for expanding or improving, I'm always open to constructive criticisms!

Update 1: Included marquee tools and pencil settings.
TracyWong Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
SWEEEEEET! Thank you, Peter! This is going to be great. I'm downloading it now! :D
Staminaboy Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Stacy! I included a few more tools so make sure to grab the new file.  I know you've been cranking out more flats lately and switch often from flatting to coloring, so let me know how this works out for you!
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January 31, 2014
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